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If possible use an email with a common domain such gmail, yahoo, or edu, because things like,,, etc., and even often end up in the spam folder.


Subscription Time

What happens after my subscription is expired; is my account going to be charged again?

This question is referred to as what is called a recurring payment/subscription and the answer is NO – your payment data is not stored on the site and it will not be charged after your subscription expires. It is only you who can decide to renew or not renew your subscription.


Refund Policy

I have registered 10 days ago but now I have changed my mind for a variety of reasons, can I ask for a refund?

As stated on the terms page, with all the content being open, please keep in mind that there is no refund and downgrade allowed


Sharing User Credentials

I would like to share my account together with a friend. Is it possible?

Please remember that you can only be logged in on one device at a time. You can still log in to your phone if you are, let’s say, at school and need to use it. This will simply log you out from the other device.


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